#53 - Managing Recovery to Optimize Performance in the Gym and in LIFE

In this episode, I share how I recover from my training through proper programming, sleep and nutrition. I dive into the importance of sleep and how it affects my performance in the gym but more importantly - outside of the gym. I also talk about what I’m currently doing for my training and how I am managing my recovery throughout the week. These days, I am very aware of my energy levels and how my training, nutrition and sleep affects those energy levels. This is a very important topic because our ability to recover not only affects our performance in the gym - but our performance in LIFE.

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Show Timestamps:

1:00 - Asking for podcast topic suggestions

2:30 - Rest and recovery

5:00 - The importance of sleep and how it affects our performance in life

9:00 - On training frequency, volume and intensity

12:00 - Performing in LIFE

14:00 - Cooling down and how that facilitates recovery

17:00 - Take matters into your own hands

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