#54 - Q&A / Strength Training and Progress / Nutrient Timing and Supplements / Learning New Skills

In this episode, I deep dive on a set of listener questions based on strength training, how to establish and work towards certain goals, nutrient timing, supplementation and learning new skills. I am trying out a new format for this podcast and I think this will be very beneficial for my listeners. If you have a question or multiple questions, please send them over and I will dedicate a full episode to answering them. You can email me at theolim7@gmail.com or message me on instagram @theodore.lim.

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Show Timestamps:

1:00 - How do I establish goals in the gym?

6:00 - Setting goals - what is important to you?

12:00 - General strength standards

17:00 - How to progress towards my goals?

23:00 - Follow a tried and true program

28:00 - What about nutrient timing?

39:00 - Do I need to take supplements?

47:00 - Learning new skills

Important Links from this Episode:

Strength Standards: https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards

Some of my Favourite Strength Training Programs:


Other Awesome Resources: