#64 - Performing Well Outside of the Gym

Episode Summary

As you know, I am all about performing well inside of the gym and I am committed to helping others do so by providing the right information regarding training, nutrition and recovery. Although these things are very important to our performance in the gym, I believe that our performance outside of the gym is just as important - if not more important.

Our performance outside of the gym includes our career or business, our family life and our relationships with our loved ones and of course, our finances. These are the “Four F’s” that I touch on in this episode - Focus, Fitness, Family and Finance. Making sure that we are focused will help us stay on track so that we can continue to work towards our goals. Taking care of our own fitness will ensure that we are healthy and have the energy to bring joy to the people around us. Spending quality time and supporting our family, significant other and our close friends help us feel fulfilled because love is important. Taking care of our finances will ensure that we are able to take care of ourselves and those that we love.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance in these areas. How can I be a better coach, son, brother, boyfriend and friend to the people around me? That is what this episode is all about. I share with you some of the small changes that I’ve made that have made a big impact in my life. Here are some brief notes on these changes:

  1. I don’t open social media for at least 30 minutes after waking up. This prevents that external stimuli from dictating my thoughts, emotions and actions and helps me be more creative by formulating my own thoughts and emotions internally before I am influenced by others.

  2. I have turned off ALL cellphone notifications. My phone does not buzz or make any noise when I receive texts, emails, IG notifications, etc. My ringer is still on so that my family and girlfriend can reach me if it is urgent. Aside from that, I check my email, texts and other apps on my own terms and in my own time.

  3. I organize my schedule using Google Calendar, colour-code and timeblock accordingly.

  4. I focus on the Four F’s and they help me dictate my yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

  5. I utilize a journal to express gratitude, plan my daily targets and reflect at the end of the day.

As always, I hope you are able to find some helpful pieces of content in this episode. I am simply here to share my experiences, insights and struggles so that I can help you perform better both inside and outside of the gym. Enjoy!

Show Timestamps:

1:00 - Making a positive impact

3:30 - Social media and it’s impact on our creativity

11:00 - Cellphone notifications

15:00 - Scheduling your dream week / timeblocking

27:00 - The Four F’s

31:00 - Current Journal Setup

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