On Training Schedules

In Light of the New Year…

When it comes to your training schedule, be mindful of your work and life schedule and how those can affect your training plans. For me, Saturday mornings are spent at Myodetox Performance. It is always a great time with lots of amazing people. The only thing is that the social interaction with our team and our members absolutely crushes me. Between our 2 morning classes, we coach and hang with anywhere from 40-70 people. As an introvert, this is incredibly taxing.

In the past, I've tried to schedule heavy sessions on Saturdays and it never works out because I'm always so drained after class. Knowing this, I recently made Saturday a lighter training day and will see how it works out. I've set myself up for 20-40 minute BW and KB sessions depending on my energy levels. I'm not too concerned about what I do on these days. I just know that moving and getting some work in will make me feel better and help me to be a better human.

Training should enhance your life, not take away from it. For me, I hate missing training sessions and am very good at beating myself up about it. In hopes of changing this negative, self-loathing cycle, I've created a training schedule that will hopefully work well with my life and work schedule. We’ll see how this rolls!

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