Podcast #47 - Attending the Strongfirst Kettlebell Course

In this episode, I recap my experience taking the Strongfirst Kettlebell Course with Louka Kurcer. I travelled to Montreal to take this one day course because I needed someone to critique my technique with the KB moves. I got exactly that and much much more from this course and my time in Montreal. I also talk about what courses / certifications I’ve taken and my biggest takeaways from attending these courses.

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Show Timestamps:

1:00 - Intro / Why I chose to do this course

8:30 - Course overview and what we did for 8 hours

11:00 - Cues that helped me improve my technique

16:00 - Why hiring a coach is so important

18:00 - The cost of the course

20:00 - What I’ve learned from taking educational courses / certifications

27:00 - Why simply getting started is the first step to becoming great

32:00 - Recapping how much have I spent taking educational courses in the last year


Resources Mentioned:

Link to the course I took: Strongfirst Kettlebell Course

Find some awesome articles and courses: Strongfirst Webite

Check out Louka’s Facebook page here: Louka Kurcer - Facebook

Podcast Link for Jay Ferruggia X James Clear: How to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones - James Clear