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#52 - The Minimalists Guide to Meal Prep

In this episode, I share my experience with meal prepping and what I’ve learned over the last 8 years. Over the last 8 years, I’ve teared down the process to make it as efficient and effective as possible. This episode is for those who are looking to shake up their meal prep process or even for those who are looking to start cooking for themselves but don’t know how to begin.

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Pain - Drugs, Fitness and Food

JD Roth absolutely stunned me when he said, "There is no way anyone is hungry enough to eat themselves to 400 lbs. Hunger pains are usually not due to hunger. Hunger is usually a result of emotional pain." I was in the middle of driving and I had to pull over to really absorb this statement. I had to write it down so I could revisit it when I had a chance to sit down and write about it. My mind was in shambles.

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