What I've Learned from Recording 20 Podcast Episodes

If you guys have been following along, I just put up my 20th podcast episode. It's a small feat but I'm proud of what I've been able to do thus far. I wanted to share one big thing that I've learned thus far.

One of the best ways to learn is by DOING it

This is something that I've been preaching to those around me. Interested in training? Just start training. Want to sell your homemade baked goods? Just start. Interested in a certain nutrition protocol? Do it. Interested in reviewing products via vlogs? Do it.

As humans, I think we are programmed to overthink things because we don't want to fail or look stupid. So we often overthink, overanalyze and procrastinate on the one thing that we really want to do because we are afraid of what other people will say about us. You can do all the research you want on something but the best way to learn is by doing it. When I recorded my first episode, I had no clue what the hell I was doing. I had bought a mic, downloaded some recording software and paid $130 for my podcast host site. Then I sat down and recorded my first episode. Immediately after I recorded that first episode, I knew what I could do better next time. The same thing happened after my second podcast, and the third, and the fourth...

After each recording, I pick up on something I could have done better. I record my podcasts live and this means that I don't go back and edit them (unless I REALLY mess up). Going into a podcast recording, I have a few topics I want to hit and a few points within each topic. From there, I just freestyle it mostly until I've run out of things to say or I feel like the thing I just said is a good place for me to close it off. Either way, I'm always learning by DOING the thing. I also didn't know if I'd even enjoying podcasting but it turns out I do. I like the idea of talking about what I love to talk about but not in front of people - BUT they will still be able to listen to me (WTF that's amazing).  But even if I didn't enjoy it, I would never have known that until I tried it. So at least you can cross it off the list and you know that you gave it a shot. The last thing I want to do is live my life and have a dozen 'what if's' haunt me forever...

So for those of you who are hesitant to start that 'thing' that you keep thinking about, JUST START IT. When we first start something new, we are generally not good at it. We only get better by doing, learning from that experience and then doing better the next time.