My name is Theodore Lim and I am a coach in the heart of Toronto. My main focus is to help others become stronger, move better and build more self-awareness. I am all about building strength - not just physical strength but emotional and mental strength as well. I truly believe that the strength, confidence and mental fortitude that we build in the gym can be applied to all other areas of life.


I aim to equip my clients with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience so that they will be prepared to progress and stay active for years to come. I am also a big believer in continuing education in order to refine my skillset so I can continue to help others to the best of my ability. Over the past year, I've attended Animal Flow Level 1, become certified with MDX-Systems through Myodetox as well as becoming a Certified Physical Preparation Specialists (CPPS) through Joe Defranco and Jim Smith.

Outside of building my skills as a coach, I am the host of The Building Strength Podcast and an avid reader and writer. I aim to share my passion for training and self-development with the world through coaching, creating written and video content and hosting a podcast.